UKRTELEBUD was based in 1995 known in Kiev and on Ukraine by the company of "Kiev - Donbass". In the same year the Ministry of Communications of Ukraine UKRTELEBUD gave the license for construction and operation of cable teleinformation networks in city Kiev. In the Institute "Hyprocommunication" was the project reserved, the technical experts of the largest American cable operator and manufacturer of the professional television equipment DX Antenna for an advice are invited.

         Today UKRTELEBUD is:

  - One of the most ramified optical networks covering all territory of. Kiev;

  - Selected optical channels;

  - Corporate networks of transfer of the data on optical fibers;

  - Virtual networks of transfer of the data;

  - Cable TV - 60 analog and 70 digital television channels of an easy approach;

  - More 100 digital commercial television channels;

  - Real high-speed Internet;

  - Designing both construction of optical fibre lines and networks of communication;

  - Stable and reliable partner of many bank and building structures.


tel.       (044)545-54-54

fax.     (044)287-26-41